Bad Choice in Biden

April 25th Former Vice President Joe Biden tossed his hat and unfortunately his history into the Presidential running.  

I have tried to avoid politics primarily because people are so polarized that discussions on the issue do not work.

With no middle ground, Joe appeared as a moderate who has worked with both sides and has moved forward with bipartisan support.

The issue is there is no bipartisan support. for well over a decade the congressional approval rate has been about 13%.

I am a democrat and have always been, but in my family history we use to be republican when republican really meant small government and more individual freedoms.

I voted for Bernie Sanders because he offered a hope of a change from a system that was broken and corrupt. Old men who had a career in congress and an open door for corporations and lobbyists. 

I vote for Trump after the Democrats corrupted the process by assigning by 25% of the electoral vote to Hillary by proxy, prior to a single citizen voting.

Hillary and the Democratic National Committee, figured with proper Virtue Signaling people would vote and follow, even if her past under examination was in contrast to some of the principles she supported. With this she intentionally ignored the male population who were not millennials and by underhanded tactics exposed alienated the entire Sanders base and expected them to follow the agreement with Bernie and support  her like good little soldiers.

As we know, this did not happen.

I and a number of others Voted out of Spite and because Trump, and outsider would shake up the system. He has done that. 

While I don’t agree with a LOT of Trumps decisions, I voted him in all well and knowing that it was a way to shout to the DNC, I am not happy with your agenda, your direction and how you are operating. Make a change of direction or continue to loose.

I hoped they would learn, I hope they would look and say… how do we reconnect and change how we operate. how can the party once again serve the people.

I talked about that in a prior article. But during the past two years, the party and Hillary has blamed everyone except themselves.

So here we are, Joe Biden the Savior. 

Does the Democratic Party expect that in horror at Trumps actions, we will all just jump back into the party united to defeat him. What do they offer?

Joe Biden, Vice President to Obama who could have been called by Trump Sleepy Biden. Remember the Obama Speeches where he slept on stage behind Obama? How about he worked directly with Hillary as she was Secretary of State. Obama, Hillary, Biden and Bill Clinton and his antics are inseparable and as such, they offer us the choice we rejected last election.

We the People, want change, we want our elected officials to work for us and for our interests.

The Democratic Party walks the same line with the same group of people and they expect a different result.

They may just be walking into 4 more years.


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