Jewish Home of Northeast PA cooking the numbers. The Scranton Times assists in hiding the blame.

On April 4th, 2020 an article was published in the Scranton Times about the Coronvirus appearance.

“The Jewish Home of Eastern Pennsylvania in Scranton confirmed Friday that a resident tested positive for the coronavirus.

In a statement, nursing home officials said they were notified early Thursday evening that a resident was confirmed to be ill with the disease caused by the new coronavirus.

This is the first confirmed case of COVID-19 in the nursing home, they said.”

Scranton Times

The issue is the hard questions were never asked.

According to the article, the evening of April 2nd was the first official case of Covid-19 in the facility and as noted, it was listed as a resident.

The obvious follow up question should have been asked was, On a facility that has been in lockdown since March 15th, 2020, a whole 18 days before the patient outbreak, who introduced the virus to the facility. Since Family was not allowed in, it was a simple step of logic that a staff member, most likely a nurse, introduced Covid-19 into the facility.

The Facility could have used the excuse that “it is more likely that a asymptomatic care provider introduced it” but no statement of it’s introduction, and or tracing, has ever been produced.

I Inquired on April 10th if my father, Michael G Coyne, who died on April 7th, His death was listed as failure to thrive and complications from parkinsons, dementia and Atherosclerotic coronary artery disease. I had asked if he was tested for Covid-19 and was assured he was not. Without records to review I was done at that point, because you can’t access records if you can’t get into the facility.

Left with more questions, I started investigating. It was also disclosed that several patients had been tested positive in the whole facility, and the information was not released. This lack of clarity as they are not reporting it publicly, erodes the trust and without hard proof, leaves the whole issue unsettled.

In review of the information provided, and talking to friends of families who lost people, It was mentioned that there was a patient who lost both father and mother in a matter of days from the virus (tested positive post mortem) from the facility. This was not hard to track down.

Those unfortunate people were Robert W. Quell Jr, age 89 who died on 4/3/2020 and his wife Evelyn Jacquinot Quell, who died on 4/6/2020.

on Friday the 7th I was informed of several first names of people who tested positive, and none were disclosed due to the hippa issues, but even just the number of confirmed cases was withheld from the public.

The Issue I have, is not with the facility and it’s care, nor my father being infected with Covid-19, but with the secrecy and the intent to not report the Covid-19 cases, going as far as not warning the funeral directors of the issue.

No mater what precautions you take, other then a true lockdown and requiring isolation of each floor and requiring all staff to stay on site 24/7, it is almost impossible to prevent a virus infection.

Was the standard distancing procedure followed as policy, even as far as unless medically necessary keeping safe distances? No.

For Parkinson month (April 2020) the facility, during lockdown, posted photos of the staff celebrating. The Photos show proper distancing was being ignored. – (See Photos on the bottom of this article from the Nursing Homes Facebook Page)

Due to patient privacy, investigating this black hole can be difficult. Yes, I had a list of first names, but I needed to verify and confirm some of that with real data.

With no reply from the Jewish Home, I started to do research and cross referencing.

In review of online obituarys, I pulled data from people who died from 2019 to current, listed as being a resident of the Jewish Nursing Home of Eastern PA. as of 4/12/2020

in 2019, the data showed 6 deaths from the 174 bed home, of the typical range of 82-94 years old.

I then looked at specific data from the first confirmed date of Covid-19 in the home. The Times and the Nursing Home confirmed it was on 4/2/2020.

From 4/2/2020 to 4/12/2020 there were 8 obituaries from the nursing home residents. one on 4/3, one on 4/6, one on 4/7, four on 4/8 and one on 4/11/2020.

For a facility who had 6 deaths in the entire 2019 year, 8 in a matter of a week showed a clear sign.

Prior to the obituary research, based on my source, I reached out to the Scranton Times, requesting they follow up the story on the information I had, based on the silence. Today Monday April 13th, 2020, they reported based on another family reaching out for answers and the home responded to the paper, just not to the actual patients families.

It is now confirmed that 13 patients of that home have died since April 13th. (they have now stated over half of the 13 deaths as covid-19 related) Another 10 residents and four staff members at the Scranton nursing home also have tested positive, said Mark Weiner, the home’s chief executive officer. (bold the reference to the homes name being avoided in the paper. – thats 13 dead (at least half of that covid-19 related and 14 more positive.) from 140 census thats 21 known infected, or 15% of the facility)

(Of those Deaths in my numbers, I may toss out as an example, Catherine Del Guercio, who passed at the age of 103 as most likely natural and not covid-19 related, but having double the number of deaths in 10 days, then for the entire 2019 year, says it all.

I am also concerned about news reporting. Moses-Taylor Hospital, was in a uprising because “Area health care workers join national demand for protection against COVID-19.” Was this covered by the Scranton times? Not initially.. if you wanted information on the local hospital the places that reported on it was the Washington Post and the Philadelphia Inquirer. Not a single article in the local news on the plight of local healtcare workers. (until the other large media groups published it)

I quote this because the same cover-up is involved with the Jewish Nursing Home and the Scranton Times.

The First article was called “Jewish Home confirms first coronavirus case” by Joseph Kohut. The follow-up article as of yesterday, was titled “Coronavirus cases multiply at Scranton nursing home” by Terrir Morgan-Besecker.

Though the facility is listed in the body of the article, the headline clearly avoids identifying the home.. listing it as “at Scranton Nursing home” and is referred to multiple times in the article as a generic home.

When a patient dies, they deserve clarity, and more important in this case, there is a responsibility to report covid-19 related deaths to both the State, and to inform Funeral Home personnel who are working with the remains, to take extra precautions.

Why would a facility do this? liability and ignorance. Both Pennsylvania Health Care Association (PHCA) and LeadingAgePA have attempted as of the April 8th, 2020, in a letter to Governor Wolf, Pushed for Civil Immunity for Healthcare providers. (see )

This push is wrapped in standing up for Health care workers and Providers, but the long goal is simple. If you want information on a patients death, and take a facility to court, if civil immunity is provided, you case is instantly resolved as moot, denying you the ability to acquire any discovery or resolve any questions.

Let me end with two points

First, My father was in stage 5 of Parkinsons, he had lost the ability to walk and feed himself, and had dementia to the point he was not really there for upwards of 22 hours a day. Death by covid-19’s, Sudden Cardiac Failure, if that was the case, would be a mercy, because it was quick, preventing several more years of wasting away and suffering for patient and family, and point number two will clarify this.

Second, Covid-19 has been promoted as pneumonia attacking the lungs, causing breathing issues, people needing ventilators. This is a primary reaction, but a secondary and not really talked about is cardiac arrest and that covid-19 also can, instead of attacking the lungs, attack the heart. Because of this people who have had sudden coronary failure are being ignored, as common wisdom promotes the attack on the respiratory system. This leaves people out of the numbers because healthcare providers mis-diagnose the reason of death because it does not fit the popular pattern.

I would urge you to read the report from Kaiser Health News that has been getting almost no coverage.


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