Katsucon 2018 – A Love Hate Relationship – in a good way.

Every Convention had good and bad, most good ones leave you thinking after it’s over, I can’t wait to go again. Katsucon at the Gaylord National Hotel and Convention Center, is one of those conventions.

The biggest fear is the weather. An Anime convention with a ton of cosplayers with an active fan base, descends on the hotel in February. Being February, it’s a weather grab bag.

2017 was my first time attending Katsucon. Having Been Overwhelmed and underwhelmed by conventions, one never knows what to expect. I was pleasantly pleased.  2017 had fantastic weather and 2018 thankfully, was also decent. The temperature each day was 68°,44° and 51°.

The Convention layout can be a bit confusing and disjointed, a lot of the photography, the cosplay, and just meeting people happens in the lobby, fountain and gazebo area’s and spills out during the day into the green areas surrounding the hotel. Nearby are shops and drug stores and restaurants, and being on the banks of the Potomac River and with the Capital Wheel (a Ferris Wheel) lit at night, offers space needed for photos, a break away from the convention or just a place to chat.

Katsucon 2017If your younger, new to a anime convention and are a little intimidated, then Katsucon is a great fit. New or veteran cosplayers gather in flocks and pose, chat and admire each others work. Unlike larger conventions where cosplayers come to present what they made, Katsucon as the beginning of the season seems more like a meet and greet where people get to know each other, reconnect and network.

Comic Conventions, unlike Anime Conventions, tend to have people in Super Hero costumes, a medium to large  anime convention has Anime costumes, Super Hero’s, Game Related (Overwatch and Fallout are popular), as well as fantastic creatures, demons and angels and an occasional Burger King or Silent Bob wandering about.

If you like Comic Book Conventions, but over the years watched them turn from less of a convention to more of a marketplace, take a break and go to a Anime convention, and enjoy the ride!


Katsucon is held yearly in February at the Gaylord National Hotel and Convention Center

Next year it will be on – February 15th-17th, 2019.

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