Almost two years later – “The Covid”

In Early 2020 (late January) I became aware of the outbreak of Covid-19 (known at that time as the Caronavirus)

This was by direct translations of local news articles coming out of Wuhan China. America was in blissful ignorance

January 2020 marked China reporting more than 300 cases and 9 deaths. This was not the true story. The Virus was out of control in Wuhan, and people were dying in large numbers. it was a traditional Golden Week holiday, where people traveled and quietly during this, China was moving forward to build four new isolation wards to deal with the overflow and the loom of a possible pandemic. As in my prior writing, China was sending people home without testing because hospitals had no room, people died at home and were classified as normal pneumonia deaths without testing, and this suppressed the numbers as cremations skyrocketed.

I reported to my local government of the risk and the data, and advised them to ready supplies, as it was not IF but when, and if they did not stock up now, they would loose the chance.  They pulled the outdated and inaccurate CDC data and ignored my warning.

The City of Scranton PA, and Scranton City Council, continued on and ignored the warnings. I had not voiced more then basic concerns in Public meetings, but after the public meeting ended, I presented them the data. I did this to prevent panic and a local run on supplies.  When they finally realized Corona was on the doorstep and the information given to them by the CDC was woefully inaccurate, it was too late. I already had my n-95 and p-100 masks and filters already.

This was not unique to my city, as the country on whole was deceived by propaganda to prevent panic. this action only delayed the eventual panic due to breakdown of supply chains.

The United States was already at a point of universal distrust and division due to politics. A groundwork of right and left wing, government and news lying, eroding the ability to inform the public from a unified front. Others took the opportunity of fear… as fear is not only profitable but also sparks fanatical followers.

Contrary messages, from the White House, that the virus would just vanish in warm weather because it could not stand heat and humidity, when it obviously survived and killed people who ran a high fever, was not based on fact, science or reason. The CDC pushed that masks were not needed, that people should not buy or use them and leave then for hospital use. The lie is it was clear a proper mask limited spread of a virus and the better masks offered better protection, to both the user and the people around them.

Masks and cloth covering became recommended by the CDC only after they made laws and forced major U.S. companies to not sell particularly n/p 95 masks to the public. In an unscrupulous move, the CDC with knowledge, lied because it knew it had huge supply chain issue. Unable to secure masks for the needed healthcare use, it lied to the people, breaking a tenuous trust.

The Race to the Vaccine was now in full force, we watched hospitalization, and deaths increase. We watched the health system break down and all but critical care getting attention, an even some of this was put on a backburner.

Then Pfizer and Moderna came forward with a “Vaccine” touted as protection from the virus, the disinformation was allowed to propagate it was a vaccine that would prevent Covid. This was far from the truth. The Vaccine was an inoculation and not a true vaccine. After the two dose regiment, people were 95% resistant. That sounds huge but that’s a 5% failure rate when exposed each time to an infected person or environment.

Today the U.S. has 332 million people. A 5% failure rate, if every man woman and child was inoculated, still at 5% leaves a standard U.S constant expected infection rate of 16.6 million people.

We are at the point of the third wave. Covid-19 to the Delta variant to the Omicron variant. I had originally compared the risk of Covid-19 with the 1919 Influenza epidemic., this was a little aggressive. In 1918-1919 the influenza epidemic killed somewhere between 25-50 million world wide. We are at 5.3 million deaths and a much larger population, but we have healthcare and rapid development of vaccines and treatments. This alone has reduced the impact worldwide.

as we close 2021. we look back at governmental closures, work from home, travel restrictions, purchase restrictions, supply chain disruptions. We look to continuing resistance to full vaccination by those holdouts, we see and will continue to see mutation variants. Lock down is no longer a solution, this will have to resolve naturally by vaccine and exposure to work it’s way out.

As the new normal returns, we can once again be distracted by Brexit, China and supply chains being outsourced, The Euro Zone and the Ukraine and Russia. I had back in February of 2020 targeted the Coronavirus, as a major impact for 18 months. That prediction was set for semi normalcy to resume around August of 2021.

Omicron reared up in late November of 2021 and started panic, and in Omicron I see hope. The largest danger is the unvaccinated and under vaccinated population and reinfections. Omicron is the solution. This variant spreads faster but is less harmful. it does not seem to have the lung, brain and circulatory impacts to the level of prior variants. We look at this wave as something to fight, I look at it as a welcome opportunity to by infection, produce natural immunity for those who refuse prevention. There is a thing to be said for Darwin.

Nature finds a way, as it did with the 1918 H1N1 influenza pandemic. But as we enter 2022 we now have a new landscape, a changed workforce, a better view of the limitations of an overextended supply chain for critical infrastructure… but as is often with humanity, will we learn from this, or slip back into those old comfortable ruts that took us here in the first place. Maybe I will know in 2023.

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