Coronavirus and propaganda. part 1 – the CDC

For quite a while I have avoided making posts about the coronavirus / Covid-19, but in doing so I left my voice out of the picture.

This is partially because of polarization in the united states as well as the government and press misinformation stream.

Lets take this back to early January, when I first learned about the depth of the virus and the pending global impact.

Newspapers in China were publishing information on the virus and even the cover-up in numbers, it was reported that people who were sick, due to the virus, were being sent home, because the hospitals had no beds. When they died at home, the Chinese government had them listed as dying from ordinary pneumonia. Because they were not in a hospital and not tested.

The United states took a separate approach to prevent full numbers being reposed and continues today. As other smaller countries rolled out mass drive through testing that was available for anyone, not just those sick or with exposure to someone sick, the Trump administration did not want an infected cruise ship to dock, because the increase in numbers were more important then the sick and dying. As of this publishing, Coronavirus is not available to most of the population, due to chemical reagents and supply lines. this has kept the confirmed infected artificially low.

The President and government has blamed everyone for being caught unaware, but this is a little disingenuous. Lets look at what information was out and how we were being told how to deal with a global pandemic.

One would expect a governments first goal is to protect it’s citizens and then working on stability. This pandemic was first looked at as how can we insulate the elected officials during a election period, and as the economy was the primary election flagship, how to protect that.

Part of the protection was releasing false and misleading information, the direct holding of information that could panic, but could also protect citizens. The first target is… the CDC.

The CDC is a United States federal agency, under the Department of Health and Human Services. Health and human services has been neglected. What exactly do they cover? Information and response to pandemics and outbreaks, Nursing Home Regulation, insurance to citizens and hospitals.

The Major push is in monitoring and regulating health industry and disease control. Looking at the last 30 years, hospitals have gone under, the drug industry has gouged the public impacting healthcare, Nursing homes have had instructions on what they should do, but minimal oversite, and with Public health, insurance for all including the elimination of copay and out of pocket should be a goal of the CDC… but it’s not.

I this particular case with the Coronavirus, I as a private citizen was able to compile data and review medical testing from china, This included even the seemingly silly testing from China on Farting. Coronavirus back in Mid-February was confirmed to transmit, by blood, spit, vomit, cough, sneezing and even urine and feces. The test about farting was would pants or a covering work to prevent the potential spread of the virus. Yes Underwear and pants work.

From that it was confirmed how it spreads. there was also clear evidence of it also infecting through surface contact.

China at the same time, provided guidance that people can be asymptomatic and spread the virus for over 7 days prior to showing any symptoms.

During all of this the CDC remained silent as the president downplayed the risks, the reasonable precautions and more important, direction to the health industry to ramp up and pushing everything from hospitals to nursing homes to ramp up.

What did the CDC do? They were yelling there is no need to wear masks, don’t wear masks, save those for the sick as only the sick should wear them.

Why was this done and was this in the interests of the people?

The CDC knew the potential impact of the virus, they knew how it spread, they also had to know, unless they were asleep at the wheel, that people can spread infection for days before showing symptoms, if they ever do. So EVERYONE should have been instructed to wear masks as of the first case in the US.

This though would cause panic and possible political interference. The second reason was even simpler. The US was woefully under-supplied with medical stores for a pandemic. Hospitals under a surge would need and go through a large number of protective equipment quickly. This led to evaluating the supply on hand, and promoted the lie of don’t buy/wear/hoard masks, the public does not need them. They knew some people spread the virus never having a symptom, and even those with symptoms spread for 2-7 days prior to showing symptoms.

So telling the public only those infected need to wear a mask was counter intuitive.

The CDC was also aware that supplies for Protective gear from China had been cut off. China, being ground zero, had the advantage that manufacturing due to low wages an higher profit, was almost exclusively in China. China first infected was also first to grab all the gear it could, it also though less discussed co-opted the 3m factories in china locking the production to being state owned.

When did the CDC change the guidance? once home depot and lowes and other major companies were instructed/ordered to supply n95 and better protective equipment only to the government and healthcare, did they instruct people to wear masks as a protection. This was 2-3 months after it was known how the virus spreads and how people can spread it without showing symptoms.

The CDC has the goals of protecting the health of the public, but failed to provide heads up information and guidance to hospitals an nursing homes, they failed to address the overall risk to the population, and are still silent on the risks to the government and people, by allowing critical infrastructure to be manufactured half way around the globe and not mandating a percentage of the companies providing critical materials to have manufacturing at home.

Wars are lost by not only combat but having supply lines cut.

The CDC dropped the ball or intentionally failed to act to protect those under it’s guidelines.

Next up, the Government and Media echo-chamber

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