Coronavirus and propaganda. part 2 – the Government and Media

Government under President Trump and the RNC has been difficult to grasp. Trump with outright lies and twists that belong more in reality TV then real life.

Trump has played the media, calling them fake news, shouting everything they say is a lie and they all have an agenda.

Like most of Trumps outbursts, even if misguided, they have a basis in truth.

The Lame-Stream Media is correct. We live in an age where a few people have purchased all the media outlets, and though more polarized now, even newspapers back in the 1900’s spit back information from the wealthy and suppressed information that would cause them discomfort.

The age of Press has taken a drastic turn for the worse. Press outlets now tend to not investigate news, but spit it out like projectile vomit. They do not research or fact check, because if they do, in this electronic age, they have missed the scoop in this age of instant tweets and internet. So putting it out quick an correcting later is more important then getting it right.

No more is the lack of press visible, especially press photographers, then in every local news asking people to submit pictures, so they may use it on the show, because that’s free where reporters and photographers are not.

This has led to listen to the story presented, decide how you want to spin it and get it out instantly, because seconds count. We have lost all investigation and reporting.

The latest example for this is the press releasing stunning information on heart and coronary related issues to the Coronavirus. Most of them all appeared around April 21st. One US news agency picked it up and then every other news agency spammed it for days. Why do I pick on that?

The first rumor of cardiac issues I saw, was pushed out by the Toronto Sun on January 24th 2020. The YouTube title ” Caught on Camera: infected people fall down on streets due to virus”

On April 6th Kaiser Health Network put out an alert called “Mysterious Heart Damage, Not just Lung Troubles, Befalling COVID-19 Patients.

The issue is the Heart related news was ignore as we talked repeatedly about ventilators, and a lot of people who suffered sudden stroke or as now reported, the first corona related death may have been a woman who’s heart ruptured.

So those who died of heart issues without fever and lung issues were never counted or tested. That’s a big failure of how many actually were covid-19 related.

Back in early February there were reports on how the WHO feared up to a 21 day incubation period for Covid-19 and that it was dangerous and was confirmed to transmit person to person by aerosol.

The media echoed the CDC repeating the message that only sick should wear masks. Not one news outlet dare to ask, if people who are sick can spread the virus, as can people who are not showing symptoms, so we cant tell are spreading the virus, then does it not seem reasonable that everyone should be wearing them?

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