Fourth of July 2023

I decided to just post a simple happy 4th of July, and toss up in my gallery, Photos from the recent Air Show at the Pocono raceway.    In watching the Ukraine conflict for 496 days, I have learned more about military equipment, combat movement, identifying the weapons used by distance and fire rate.

In Scranton PA, the Scranton Army Ammunition Plan, produces the 155 MM shells, and I had the pleasure of seeing what one looked like in person.

I knew there was a lot to learn for active troops, but I really had no concept before the Ukraine conflict started. This proceeded to a new desire to learn, and get a closer view of fighter planes by visiting an air show, and try my hand at taking pictures of the planes in flight, and admire the pilots who show so much skill and are a symbol of pride.

Happy 4th of July 2023 to all and thank you to all the troops at home, away or retired!


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